studied at the Academy of Media Arts Cologne 2000-2005

works as composer and sound-artist focussing on methods of production and reproduction of

temporal and local organized sound - synthesized and replicated.

Member of soundart-group Therapeutische Hörgruppe Köln

Member of intermedia-supergroup Frequenzwechsel

Member of the psycho-electroacoustic The Knob, The Finger & The It

Member of the great duet All Of Orlov (R.I.P.)

Lectureship on Sound&Noise at the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf since 2014

Concerts, performances and presentations amongst others:

Música Viva/Portugal, MANTIS Festival/Manchester, ZKM/Karlsruhe, Brussels/HS63,

Metamorphoses/Belgium, Skulpturenmuseum Glaskasten Marl, IEM/Graz, Jazz Festival/Moers,

EuCuE concert at Concordia University/Montreal, Computing Music/Köln, Inventionen/Berlin,

Sound:Space/Bracknell, FILE/Sao Paulo, ICMC/Copenhagen, Ai-Maako/Chile, WDR/Köln,

A&A Elektro-konzert/Argentina, et. al.